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Yatsuk Svetlana Vitalievna came to the stable in 1999, and from that moment she connected her life with horses. Since 2005, Svetlana began to actively travel as a groom in various tournaments, including European countires.

Svetlana has extensive experience working with horses both in Russia and in Europe. During her professional career, she has attended many tournaments of various levels, including the European Championships and five-star tournaments.

At the moment, Svetlana works with dressage athletes, but she also has extensive experience with show jumping riders.

At the very beginning of her work with horses, Svetlana received the title of Candidate Master of Sports in Dressage. When Svetlana first visited the European Tournament with horses, she forever decided for herself that she wanted to connect her life with the activities of a groom and not an athlete. Most of all in her work Svetlana likes not only working with horses, but also long journeys both by horse trucks and ferries, visiting various stables and tournaments, the atmosphere of competition.