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Olga Zibreva - FEI Veterinary Delegate, FEI Testing Veterinarian, member of the FKSR Veterinary Committee, judge of the All-Russian category, Chairman of the FKS Veterinary Committee of St. Petersburg.

She has participated in the development of many equestrian projects, including 3 hippodromes.

She has the title of "Candidate Master of Sports" in dressage, has repeatedly been a member of the St. Petersburg national dressage team. Olga's students are successful athletes who are part of the St. Petersburg national team. She is a regular speaker at international and national veterinary and equestrian conferences. Among other things, Olga is the author of numerous articles and interviews in equestrian media, the author of various courses and seminars.

In social networks Olga is the author of the following popular pages on VKontakte and Facebook: “Your question to the dressage judge”, “FKS Veterinary Committee of St. Petersburg”, “FEI Clean Sport”, “Clean Sport”.