О тренере


Netherlands Netherlands

Linda has been working as aninstructor in the USA for 1,5 years. When she returned back to the Netherlands she obtained several certificates within the equestrian sport through the KNHS and started studying coaching.

Linda has completed the equine assisted coach® level 1 training, which made her an EQA level Practitioner, which is accredited by the NOBCO/EMCC.

Equine Assisted Coaching is an experiential coaching methodology, where experience and feeling are central. All senses are involved in this process, and the learning experience comes in different ways and through multiple channels. As a result, learning can go faster and better.

EAC emphasizes the possibilities that makes it suitable for anyone who wants to work on themselves.In 2019 Linda completed courses and reiceved ORUN diploma, that makes Linda a professional equestrian KNHS coach.

Also in 2019 Linda completed Franklin Method® balls For Equestrian workshop, which allows Linda to provide training sessions with Franklin Method® balls for optimal equestrian practice and training.