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Netherlands Netherlands

Corinda Luttjeboer is an international dressage rider, currently competing in the category of the Grand Prix of riders under 25 (U25), a certified trainer with an ORUN 4 diploma.

Since 2016, Corinda has run her own stable “Dressuurstal Corinda”, where she trains not only her own horses, which she actively competes on, but also third-party horses.Corinda seeks cooperation between horse and rider in her training. Harmony is the key to success. In addition, she always continues to study, continuously training and taking weekly lessons with the best trainers, as well as following mental coaching.

In 2017, Corinda was inducted into the KNHS 'Talent team' program, where she was automatically awarded top sporting status in the NOC * NSF. At the same time, Corinda began training under the guidance of Olympic champion Anky van Grunsven with her horse Da Vinci Sollenburg. Corinda received positive feedback from Anky in several areas, such as learning ability. In the follow-up feedback, the rider received the rating "VERY GOOD". This is, of course, a wonderful result, especially if it is provided by none other than Anky!

Training and certificates:
ORUN 4 Instructor Diploma in Dressage;
MBO Diploma in Communication;
Mental Coach Certificate;
Experience in national and international dressage competitions from Class B to Grand Prix up to 25 years.

Champion in Gelderland class ZZ-light;
Winner in Bonfix competition ZZ-Zwaar;
Winner in ZZ-Zwaar Open Zeland Championship ;
5th place in the NK dressage rating in the ZZ-Heavy class.