О тренере



Alysen grew up riding at her grandparents farm, where she developed her love for horses. She studied a Bachelor of Arts in psychology at the University of Alberta in Canada. She is a Franklin Method® Level 3 Educator, Franklin Method® Faculty member and Franklin Method Equestrian® Faculty member.

The Franklin Method® is a science based approach that combines mental imagery, biomechanics and anatomical embodiment to train efficient movement.

As an official Franklin Method® faculty member, Alysen has adapted the Franklin Method® concepts and developed a unique application for the specific needs of equestrians. Franklin Method Equestrian® uses imagery, exercises, Franklin Balls and Franklin Bands to improve movement, coordination and communication between rider and horse.

As the lead faculty member for Franklin Method Equestrian®, she travels internationally teaching workshops and Franklin Method Equestrian® trainer certifications.

Franklin Method® Level 3 Educator, Franklin Method® Faculty, Franklin Method Equestrian® Faculty.