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Roos Dyson discovered her love for horses since childhood. She went to the Dutch Equestrian Academy in Deurne and after her four-year education she started riding young horses and coaching.

In 2009 Roos started her own company ‘Horsing With a Smile‘.

In February 2010,Roos completed her second equestrian education, at the Akasha School for the Art of Equitation. This programme is designed especially for professional riding instructors. It is focused on the anatomy of both rider and horse, with teaching skills aimed at improving the movements, position and balance of riding students. As a rider and a riding instructor Roos enjoy the benefits of this education every day, and so do her students.

1997 – 2001: Equestrian Sports, Deurne
2009 – 2010: Akasha Riding Biomechanics certified coach
2019: education for professional teachers at Dressage Pro by Rien van der Schaft
2019: certified instructor ‘Franklin Method balls for Equestrians’
2020: approved to start the study ‘Sport Horse Manager at Bartels Horse & Health Instituut in 2021.

Qualified NHB Deurne KF (rider and instructor)
Akasha Zitcoach (specialism seat&balance)
“Franklin Method balls for Equestrian” certified coach.